What to do in Rome: 5 secret places

5 secret places in Rome
to surprise on Valentine’s Day

All you need is Love!

Valentine’s Day in Rome is breathtaking sunsets, unique optical illusions and wonderful places that recall love legends.Today with the advice of Franco, our concierge 4L, some ideas to go to the discovery of the most romantic secret places of the city and that always know how to excite like the first time.

On the blog of 4L Collections we give you some tips to surprise your partner with an aperitif at sunset or a romantic after dinner, pampered by the beauty of the Eternal City.

An aperitif at Giardino degli Aranci


A great classic that never sets, a lovely park not known by all but loved by anyone who has passed at least once. Buy some appetizers, two glasses and a bottle of wine and reach the Orange Garden at sunset:street singers who often stop on the stairs and the view of Rome on fire from the late afternoon sun will do the rest …

Chill moment on Via Piccolomini

Via Piccolomini is that little street that you do not expect, where the Dome is able to give a unique optical illusion! Along Via Piccolomini, in fact, the Dome of St Peter’s Basilica becomes bigger as you move away and smaller as you get closer! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Drive over and enjoy the show!

Two steps on the Jasmine Road


Two steps in a secret place in Rome, from which you can admire St Peter’s Basilica from a different and unique perspective? Here, is the Via del Gelsomino, one of the most suggestive and "scented" walks of the Eternal City. Once there was the ancient railway of the Vatican, now it is the jasmine that make this romantic corner unique, perfect for a walk hand in hand.

Little London

A lovely corner of England in Rome? Here’s to you little London, the ideal place for a sunset walk, where dominating is a charming British style and the extreme attention to detail. In this unique corner of the city, a selfie is a must and then for dinner you can choose one of the many typical Roman restaurants around the Flaminio district!

A kiss at the Trevi Fountain


It will not be a secret place of the capital, but, if we talk about Valentine’s Day in Rome, it is impossible not to mention the Trevi Fountain. A walk under the moonlight and then the great classic: the coin toss. Legend has it that, by throwing three coins in the water, you will get married with the love of your life! Attention, however! The throw is done with the right hand over the left shoulder, back to the Fountain!

And you, what place do you choose to surprise your half on Valentine’s Day?

Choose the nearest 4L Collection structure and fall in love with Rome!

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